Our Technology module answers the questions on what tools to use for data collection and measurement, management and analysis, and on what data systems and frameworks to adopt to support and sustain organisation data use.

We offer services on data management systems and portal development, setup and installation, authoring of data collection forms for use in data entry and data collection platforms, data analysis scripts and workflow development and deployment, and development of web-based tools and applications.

We support open-source technologies. Hence, we create, build upon and use open-source technologies. We believe open-source is good all around and ultimately the best for the end-user.

Data analysis

R is an environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. It is called a software “environment” to characterise it as a fully planned and coherent system, rather than an incremental accretion of very specific and inflexible tools, as is frequently the case with other data analysis software. R is available as Free Software under the terms of the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public License in source code form. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms and similar systems (including FreeBSD and Linux), Windows and MacOS.



RAnalyticFlow is a software that enables simple to complex data analysis through the drawing of analysis flowcharts. The key advantage of the use of analysis flowcharts is the effective sharing of the data analysis processes in multi-user or multi-developer or team collaboration contexts. RAnalyticFlow is one of a number of integrated / interactive development environment (IDE) for R. An IDE is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development.

The RAnalyticFlow software is developed and made available without charge for any purpose by ef-prime, Inc.


Data collection and management

epiDataSmallEpiData Entry is designed for simple or programmed data entry and documentation. EpiData Entry handles simple forms or related systems with optimised documentation and error detection features such as double entry verification, codebook overview of data, and encryption procedures to name a few. The EpiData software suite was designed based on the principles of Epi Info version 6 and has developed into an independent documentation-oriented system. EpiData is currently developed for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

csProSmallThe Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a public domain software package used by hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating census and survey data. CSPro is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, yet powerful enough to handle the most complex applications. It can be used by a wide range of people, from non-technical staff assistants to senior demographers and programmers.

csProAndroidSmallCSPro supports data collection on android devices (phones and tablets). The CSEntry Android App works in collaboration with the desktop version of CSPro 6.2. CSEntry collects data for surveys created by the free Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) suite of data processing tools. CSEntry is used for computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) on Android phones and tablets.

odkSmallOpen Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open-source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions. ODK provides an out-of-the-box solution for users to 1) build a data collection form or survey (XLSForm is recommended for larger forms); 2) collect the data on a mobile device and send it to a server; and 3) aggregate the collected data on a server and extract it in useful formats.

rapidSMSblueRapidSMS is a free and open-source framework for rapidly building mobile services for scale. RapidSMS is built with Python and Django and is designed for building robust, highly customized mobile services with web-based dashboards. RapidSMS provides a flexible platform and modular components for large-scale data collection, managing complex workflows, and automating data analysis.

TR-logo-smallTelerivet is an innovative mobile messaging platform that instantly connects businesses and organizations with their customers, employees, and community. No servers, programmers, expensive contracts, or shortcodes required. Telerivet uses a tool that most people in any country already have – a standard mobile phone. A cloud-based management system routes messages to and from any number of mobile devices, allowing you to reach anyone who has a mobile phone with SMS.

Data portal

ckanSmallCKAN is a powerful data management system that makes data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data. CKAN is aimed at data publishers (national and regional governments, companies and organizations) wanting to make their data open and available. CKAN is open source and can be downloaded and used for free. CKAN has been used by governments and user groups worldwide. Used to power both official and community data portals, CKAN was developed by the non-profit Open Knowledge Foundation to run the It now powers more than 40 data hubs around the world, including portals for local, national and international government, such as the UK’s and the European Union’s


In support of spatial sampling methods, Valid International creates web-based interactive sampling tools. These tools are useful for assessments done at scale (regional to national level).

Recently, Valid International has supported the Philippines' National Nutrition Council in developing a spatial sampling tool that will assist the in their planned national nutrition surveillance system.


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