We offer modules on metrics, analytics, technology and training for assessments which have been designed to support organisations to setup and implement, analyse and report, and manage and sustain assessments needed for them to run highly-effective programmes.

The modules offered can be utilised individually or as linked modules depending on your organisation's specific needs. Under each module are various technical services and products that we provide. Our services are generic and can be developed and applied bespoke to an organisation's assessment needs and requirements. Our products, on the other hand, are specialised and specific services that we have previously designed, developed and tested. The products are ready for use 'off-the-shelf' therefore rapid to setup, implement and scale up.


Our Metrics module provides solutions to questions on what indicators to measure and how they can be measured. We offer services on indicators development, assessment design and assessment implementation.


Our Analytics module supports the interpretation of the metrics and provides explanations to why the metrics are the way they are. We offer services on data analysis and on data visualisation.


Our Technology module addresses needs for tools to use for data systems and frameworks that sustain organisation data use. We provide services on data management systems and software tools and applications development.

Whilst our services and products can be utilised individually, we recommend Support Packages - a combination of our metrics, analytics, technology and training modules - that have been synergised to optimise client support and to make the support more cost-effective. As with the modules, our support packages can be classified as 'off-the-shelf' or as 'developmental'.