We at Valid International believe that there is a better way for organisations to approach assessments. With the appropriate metrics to measure the problem or issues in question, robust analytics to estimate the value of the indicators being measured, the right technology – simple to use tools that aid in making assessments rapid and efficient, and an effective training that is based on a learner-oriented and problem-based learning system, organisations can take control of their assessment needs and goals.


Our Metrics module provides solutions to questions on what indicators to measure and how they can be measured. We offer services on indicators development, assessment design and assessment implementation.


Our Analytics module supports the interpretation of the metrics and provides explanations to why the metrics are the way they are. We offer services on data analysis and on data visualisation.


Our Technology module addresses needs for tools to use for data systems and frameworks that sustain organisation data use. We provide services on data management systems and software tools and applications development.


Our Training module provides solutions to organisations' needs on capacity building for assessments. This is a cross-cutting module that covers all the training needs across the metrics, analytics; and technology modules.

All training materials are currently being put together into a web-based learning management system that will allow learners to lead and manage their own learning process and will allow for training to be facilitated by our experts remotely. The learning management system is expected to be online by mid-2016.


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